List of Contributors

This page is a list of everyone who has ever had writing or art published in The Fox Hat Review. Below, you’ll find their bios, which may include links to other websites and contact info, etc. Please note that contributors are encouraged to update their bios at any time, so this information may change.

Are you a Fox Hat author in need of some bio help? Here is a list of pointers!

Acacia Ackles

Acacia Ackles is a current freshman at George Washington University studying biology. She likes all manner of word-related hobbies – reading, writing, puzzles, the internet. She can be reached at acacia [dot] ackles [at] gmail [dot] com.


Shane Barr

Shane Barr lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and teenaged daughter.  In August of 2014, Shane released her first novel, Reset, book one of The Reset Trilogy.  Reset can be found in paperback on Amazon’s and Barnes and Noble’s websites.  The Kindle version is also available on Amazon.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit her website:

Rachael Bahr

Rachael Bahr is a recent graduate of Montclair State University who holds a degree in English and can’t stop making her bios sound like the beginning of a cover letter. Besides the obvious reading and writing, she also enjoys playing hockey, yelling about the New York Rangers, kickboxing, and tweeting about all of the above (@rhableahcar). If you have questions, concerns, or a job offer, she can be reached at rachael . bahr @ gmail . com, or at If you care to read more of her writing, she has a irregularly updated WordPress blog as well:


Caroline Cantrell

Alicia Caruso

Alicia is originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York, where she recently got her M.S. in environmental policy. She now resides in the greater Philadelphia region, where she works at an independent bookstore while endeavoring to enter the sustainability field.  You can find her ramblings about travel, technology, and the environment in her blog at

Sarah Chaplin

Sarah Chaplin (18) is a college freshman studying at Indiana University. She is a skilled wielder of both crayons and gel pens, an uncoordinated dance enthusiast, and an avid consumer of cupcakes. Sarah is happily double majoring in English and Communication and Culture and she hails from the small town of Brownsburg, Indiana. Sarah is extremely passionate about creative writing, art, and film rhetoric, and hopes to become a poet or novelist someday.


Jasmine Damen

Jasmine Damen is an aspiring writer and avid reader from Southern England. She studies English Literature & Language at the University of Reading.  Jasmine spends most of her time reading or marathoning Parks and Recreation on Netflix. She also enjoys learning new things and recently taught herself (with the help of her Gran) how to knit. Jasmine also plays the guitar at a very basic level; this is usually accompanied by very bad, off key singing. She can be found far too often on twitter @jazdamen.

Beth Damiano

Beth Damiano is an actress and writer currently living in Los Angeles. She has been writing for years, ever since her 7th grade teacher told her she had talent and set her off on a crazy path that includes participating in National Novel Writing Month every year (she has won 8 of the 10 years and yeah, she’s super proud of that). This is her first published short story and she is trying not to freak out, be cool, pretend like this happens all the time. She is also known on various sets as “hey, girl with the notebook” and “you with the long hair”.

Corinne Demyanovich

Corinne is a lover of writing and photography who has been practicing at both hobbies for many years. Her love for writing began through reading, specifically the Harry Potter Series, at a young age, which then blossomed into a love for writing. Her love for photography blossomed with the gift of a camera which she still uses and loves. Corinne hopes to continue to pursue writing and photography throughout her life as she strives to unleash her creativity and share it with the world.

Amy Deyerle-Smith

Amy Deyerle-Smith is a Seattleite fumbling her way through numerous hobbies. She can be reached at

George Doran


Dianne E. C. E.

Dianne E.C.E. is a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where she is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys 80’s movies, making lists, and obsessively listening to the music of young, feminist artists . She has a blog where she posts personal stories, thoughts, and whatever else may come to mind (and she constantly interrupts herself in those posts like she’s doing right now).  If you want to reach her, you can email her at or through any other medium from her blog – or just make a fresh cup of coffee, wave it around outside for a few minutes, and she is sure to show up.


Megan Jean Foley


Maya Granger

Maya Granger is a storyteller, selfie-taker, and purple-haired vampire slayer with a passion for the use of popular media for social change. They’re currently a senior at a performing arts high school in Arizona studying theatrical design and production. Maya also works to create resources for popular culture connections to social change movements as the Fandom Forward Project Manager at the Harry Potter Alliance. Maya can be found blogging incessantly about Vincent van Gogh, the moveable type printing press, mental illness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and gender identity at You can also contact them at or


Lizzie Hill



Lauren Jones-Rabbitt

Lauren Jones-Rabbitt resides in the rolling farm country of North Western New Jersey. She is a writer, mother of three young children, Doula (birth assistant), and has most recently taken up the art of teaching yoga. Her writing is deeply informed by her daily practices with mindfulness and loving kindness, her poetry reflecting the yoking of her inner and outer worlds. Lauren’s interests range from philosophy to photography, hiking to food preserving. Her hope is that all of the good work she is involved in enlivens a spark of bright light in her audience. Lauren can be reached at


Dania Khan

Dania Khan is an aspiring editor currently majoring in English at Wayne State University. She picks up hobbies whenever she has the time, and has thus far taught herself to paint, crochet, carve fruit, embroider, and hopes to one day raise chickens. It is her goal to one day see equal representation of all races and genders across all forms of art.

Amelia Koontz


Cassie Lauer

V. C. Linde

V.C. Linde has been writing for most of her life in a wandering variety of styles and now spends her time working to create connections between poetry and people, building communities around words. She has been published in various anthologies online and in print and won the 2012 New York Times Found Poetry competition. She posts commentary and original poetry online at and spends far too much time on Twitter as @vclinde.

Aaron Lockman

Aaron Lockman is a writer/actor/vlogger from Maine currently studying at Columbia College Chicago. He enjoys biking, long walks by Lake Michigan, dimension-hopping, eating soup, wearing corduroy, and battling his evil unicorn nemesis Dr. Wobbles.


Jillian MacLeod

Jillian MacLeod has lived most of her life on Martha’s Vineyard–a dull but beautiful little island off the coast of Massachusetts. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2010, where she studied environmental science and English. She draws much of her inspiration from nature, and though her work varies from poetry to personal essays to science fiction and fantasy, she always comes back to the themes of environment and our connection to it.

Ellie Rose McKee

Ellie Rose McKee – Author of Still Dreaming, Wake, & Four Season Summer – was born and raised in Northern Ireland and has lived in England on and off ever since; spending three years in Lincoln, where she went to university, and six months in Oxford, where she completed an internship. She enjoys travelling, photography, making YouTube videos, and eating chocolate cake.
For more information, you can find her here: WebsiteTwitterTumblr.


Mark Noonan

Mark Thomas Noonan is a poet, playwright, and musician from Tipperary, Ireland. Mark’s plays have been produced in Ireland and the US, and his poems and other writing have appeared or are forthcoming in The Cortland Review, The Critical Flame, The Stinging Fly, Revival, Wordlegs: 30 Under 30 (Doire Press), and Moloch. He now lives with his wife Lauren in Atlanta, Georgia, works for a small independent music label, and plays banjo in a folk band. He carries out small digital poetry experiments at his website, Poetry Apparatus. Mark’s poems in Fox Hat Review were previously published by Doire Press as part of their 2013 International Fiction and Poetry Chapbook Competition Anthology.

Cara Nuzzo

Cara Michelle Nuzzo is a senior at SUNY Purchase College, she will be graduating in May with a B.A. in Literature with a minor in Art History. In her free time she volunteers at a local art museum, drinks too much coffee, and has a lot of existential crises.


Amani Onyango

Amani is anxiously waiting to turn 20 so that people will finally start taking her seriously – although she’s not sure that’s such a good thing. Her love for writing emerged in 2009, and she can’t imagine life without it. She also enjoys reading, painting, and holding onto her negligible guitar skills. Amani hopes to see diversity in fiction become common in the not-so-distant future.


Ameris Poquette



Samantha Richardson

Samantha is a queer author and photographer wannabe, with a interest in science and astronomy that extends beyond her love of sci-fi and fantasy. She also loves to travel, and uses the experiences to enrich her writing, sharing her travel stories on her photoblog, Writing Pixels ( Samantha attempts to blend visual and textual media in a way that expands the depth of photography, and enlightens the hidden treasures in life through focusing on a single moment in time.


Jill Sebacher

Jill Sebacher graduated with an MA in English—Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and since 2000 has been teaching composition and creative writing at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.  Her poetry has been published in The Cypress Dome and The Valencia Forum, and she served as an assistant editor for The Florida Review and the faculty advisor for the award-winning, college journal, The Phoenix.  A mother and Harry Potter fan who loves making nerdy, crafty things, she also began Midnight House Elves with her lovely daughter, Megan, in 2012, and together they run an Etsy shop and travel as vendors to conferences like LeakyCon and VidCon, soaking in the wizard rock and nerdfighter awesomeness.

Anna Swarts

Anna is seventeen years old and has lived in Pittsburgh, PA for almost her entire life. She has loved horses for longer than she can remember, and they are the subject of most of her drawings and writing. Aside from drawing and writing, she enjoys horseback riding, reading, playing guitar, piano, and ukulele, singing, watching British television, being sarcastic, eating, sleeping, and playing with her cat.




Charlotte Victoria, Founder of The Fox Hat Review

Charlotte Victoria (surname: Marriott) has wanted to be a writer since before she could write. She writes all sorts of things; though you couldn’t tell from the work she submitted to Fox Hat, she’s actually a big sci-fi geek. Charlotte believes that mastering poetry is crucial to writing good prose. She is seeking representation for her first novel. To see her official bio on the staff page, click here! And here is a link to her Tumblr.


Rebecca Weaver




Sofia Zheng

Sofia Zheng is a freshman in the International Baccalaureate program at Palm Harbor University High School in Florida. She is an editor in training in her school’s Creative Writing Club and runs a calligraphy-word-art blog on Tumblr. She also plays the violin in her youth orchestra and has attended several notable music camps such as Interlochen and Eastern Music Festival.


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