General Questions

Q. What is the point/mission of The Fox Hat Review?
A. The Fox Hat Review was created to connect writers and artists with platforms to showcase their talent, as well as to help forge lasting friendships and connections between writers, artists, and editors. In the short time since its foundation, the magazine has definitely caused some amazing creative relationships between people who otherwise would not have met.

Q. Where can I read/get a copy of The Fox Hat Review?
A. We’ll post all issues in our Issuu page. You can also click on the link reading “Read the Magazine!” in the navigation bar atop each page.

Q. Yes, but where can I get a hard copy?
A. We are currently trying to find a way for Nerdfighters to buy copies of the magazine for the price of printing alone, because we are a free magazine, and will always remain that way. Charlotte is still combating the last 7¢ of this plan. When she emerges victorious, a hard copy will be available! Of course, we will keep all of the authors and artists updated so that they can decide whether they want their work printed (we hope you do).

Q. When is the first issue coming out?
A. The first issue is out! The second issue is coming out in March, 2015. The submission deadline for Issue 2 is February 22.

Q. How frequently do issues come out?
A. We aim to be a quarterly publication, but we’ll see how it goes.

Q. I really enjoyed something I found in The Fox Hat Review. Where can I learn more about the writer or artist?
A. Everyone whose work is featured in our magazine has the option to be featured on our List of Writers and List of Artists, which may include anything about him or her, ranging from a short blurb to a link to his or her website. Keep in mind that these sections are liable to change, as we encourage our contributors to continuously update their features on our site.

Q. Can I use The Fox Hat Review‘s logo for promotional purposes?
A. Yes, but with some reservations. You can’t use the logo to forge endorsements, obviously, but you can present the logo by itself. Please don’t alter it at all.

About Submissions

*Please don’t forget to read our Submission Guidelines to learn more detailed information for writers and artists!

Q. Who can submit to The Fox Hat Review?
A. Short answer: anyone, everyone! See how open our policies are by reading the following Q’s and A’s!

Q. Do I have to be a Nerdfighter to submit to The Fox Hat Review?
A. The short answer is no, not necessarily. However, it is possible to be a Nerdfighter without knowing it. Whether or not you identify as a Nerdfighter won’t effect your chance of being published; however, to enrich the quality of your own life, you should probably consider learning what we are because, given the fact that you’re here, chances are good that you’ve just finally stumbled upon the Mothership.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum age to submit to The Fox Hat Review?
A. No, sillies. Most of our contributors tend to be between ages 21 and 29, but anyone outside that range is equally welcome to submit! Age doesn’t effect your chances of being published at all! However, usually, the more experience you have with something, the better your work will become (not compared to others—just compared to yourself). It’s like Maureen Johnson said, “You haven’t sucked enough yet.” It is something that happens to literally every writer, and many visual artists. On the other hand, you should definitely take a shot if you believe that your work is ready to go! Anyone who could use a little encouragement in this department should definitely read this blog post by the esteemed Gail Carson Levine. Also, if you are a very young writer, please get a guardian’s consent before submitting under any name!

Q. Can I submit something I have already had published elsewhere (i.e., a university magazine)?
A. We are OK with publishing materials that have been published in university or high school magazines as long as it’s OK with the original publishers, but we no longer wish to publish pieces that have been printed before by other professional publications.

Q. Can I publish my piece elsewhere if it’s accepted by The Fox Hat Review?
A. Yes, absolutely! And don’t forget to let us know so we can share the good news with the rest of the Fox Hat community!

Q. Can I submit to the magazine if I don’t live in the United States?
A. Yes. Please see the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Q. Can I submit writing in a language other than English?
A. Yes! Please see the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Q. Is there a reading fee for submissions?
A. N0—NEVER. That is completely NOT what we are about!

Q. Will I be paid for my work’s appearance in The Fox Hat Review?
A. Writers will not be paid for their work’s appearance in The Fox Hat Review, as there’s no money involved with it. Our preeminent focus is the exposure of emerging artists, not profit. Staff members don’t make money from the magazine, either.

Q. Can I send in a music submission?
A. You certainly can, but we’re not quite ready to support music submissions yet. We will, however, start doing cool stuff on our YouTube Channel, and if you are a musician who would like to perform on The Fox Hat Review‘s stage, send us a video. It doesn’t matter what kind – live performance, music video, studio session – as long as it has good sound quality.

About Volunteer Opportunities

Q. Can I apply to become an editor of The Fox Hat Review?
A. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Anyone can apply to be an editor by sending an application email to thefoxhatreview@gmail.com. Please include your name, age, any experience in media and/or publishing, specialty genre(s), or any other information you think is relevant. If we aren’t looking for a new editor at the time of your application, feel free to keep trying for good measure, though we will probably keep your email in our inbox.

Q. Can I apply to become a translator for The Fox Hat Review?
A. Yes! We are currently seeking translators who are grammarians in their languages of expertise. Currently, we’re basically interested in any language, but of course, we are especially hopeful to find translators in languages spoken and read by large quantities of Nerdfighters. Translators will serve two primary functions: initially, to help assimilate non-English-language writing into a primarily English-language magazine, and eventually, to translate the entire magazine into other languages. Please send an email detailing your age, country of residence, languages of fluency, and relevant experience (if applicable) to thefoxhatreview@gmail.com, with TRANSLATOR APPLICATION in the subject line.

Q. Will editors/translators be paid for working on the magazine?
No. The Fox Hat Review doesn’t have any money involved. It’s a 100% volunteer effort.

I got a rejection email. Now what?

Q. I’ve submitted to The Fox Hat Review before and my work was not accepted. Should I still consider submitting again?
A. Yes! Of course! Obviously! PLEASE continue to submit work! Just because we’ve  declined one piece does not mean that we would decline on another. You can also try submitting the same piece again if you’ve revised it and continue to feel confident about it. Please keep sending us work.


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