Executive Editors

Charlotte Victoria Marriott, Founder & Executive Editor

Charlotte never imagined herself as anything but a writer. She has been a Nerdfighter since March, 2008. Currently, her main long-term project is a sci-fi epic about a world of mermaids. Charlotte is beyond excited to work with so many of the talented Nerdfighters she’s met through this project! She studied English at the College of Mount Saint Vincent and is currently involved with public libraries in the Northeast United States. She can be visited on any of the various other delightful networks below, or her website,

Tumblr | Ning | Goodreads | Google + | LinkedInWriting Blog | Scribophile | Instagram


 Meghan Bee, Executive Editor

Meghan is a poetic, noble land mermaid/ beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox/ beautiful, rule-breaking moth whose bio is forthcoming. Did anybody get the reference?


 Associate Editors

Ameris Poquette

Ameris is a cunning, pliable chestnut-haired sunfish/ beautiful sunflower whose bio is also forthcoming.

Lizzie Hill

Lizzie Hill is a beautiful tropical fish who also needs a staff bio.


Christina Abes, Junior Editor & Social Media Manager

Christina is a Theatre Production & Design BFA graduate living in Toronto, Ontario. She has spent the past 4 years working at a local amusement park and freelance stage and production management, but wants to dip her hands into the publishing world, creative writing and creating her own stuff! She loves reading (of course!), crocheting and knitting, watching YouTube, and playing video games.

She writes a book blog called Bookmarked Thoughts ( where she writes about a few of her favourite books and the mark they have left with her. She is a huge Pokemon fan and is one of the staff writers on, writing the anime articles. She is also a recurring host on the podcast. She is the owner of HookedInspirations, an Etsy shop that specializes in crocheted beanie hat designs inspired by her favourite fandoms. You can check it out at She is so excited to be part of the Fox Hat Review team and to be working with fellow Nerdfighters on such an awesome project!

Aaron Lockman, Junior Editor

Aaron Lockman is a flop-haired dork currently studying Theater and Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago. Some of his favorite hobbies include long walks in graveyards, listening to podcasts, time travel, quietly humming show tunes to himself, vlogging on his YouTube channel (, and hopping through dimensions in order to battle his unicorn nemesis, Dr. Wobbles.

Corinne Demyanovich, Web Video Liaison

Corinne is an avid reader, writer, and photographer. She is also a Ravenclaw, Nerdfighter, a hockey fan, and a lover of her cat. Currently a sophomore at Elmhurst College, she is an undecided major, but considering a career in Library Science. Corinne enjoys working at her college’s library, being a distributer for Juice Plus+ (a healthy living company), as well as interning at MuggleNet as a transcriber. Though she is very busy, she is proud to be a part of the Fox Hat Review team and to share such wonderful art.


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