Submission Guidelines

* We are currently translating this page into various languages other than English. If you would like to assist, please apply to become a translator or send us an email. Please contact the magazine at with any questions.

How to Submit

• To submit (a) work(s) to The Fox Hat Review, please send an attached .doc, .pages (for literature), .jpg, or .png (for visual arts) to

• In the body of the email, kindly type the names of all relevant authors in the order in which you wish them to appear and the year of completion (if possible).

• In the email’s subject line, please type only the work’s GENRE in all caps (i.e., “SCI-FI SHORT,” “HAIKU,” “PHOTOGRAPHY,” etc.)

• Each author may send us up to five (5) literary or visual art submissions with exceptions made for supernumerary haiku, of which up to ten (10) will be reviewed. Failure to comply with this guideline will probably only result in our looking at the first few up to our limit, because we’re really quite benevolent.

Please send each submission in its own email!

Your location is of no consequence! You do not have to be American and/or live in the United States to submit work to our magazine! However, non-English-language writers, please find the specifications below for works not submitted in English.

The Fox Hat Review currently does not accept works that have been published previously, or simultaneous submissions of the same work to other parties (with the exception of high school or university magazines, provided that those magazines are alright with sharing). You, the submitter of the work(s) in question, assume the responsibility for the fulfillment of this criterion.

• As the primary office of our magazine is to promote writers within the community of Nerdfighteria, we happily accept works of every reading level. We will accept works wherein swearing and vulgarities are used in context, as they can add to the authenticity of writing; however, we will not publish pieces laden with excessive profanities, and in no circumstance will we accept pieces which we feel attack people on any grounds, deliberately or otherwise. We will not publish excessively graphic or even marginally hateful scenes/themes.

• By submitting a work to The Fox Hat Review, you agree that we may publish it and use it for the purposes of our magazine. Your submission informs us that all authors, creators, translators, and/or copyright holders of the work agree to our submission criteria (this paragraph). We will not, however, profit from your work, and you will retain the full copyright, and you will not receive payment for your work’s appearance in our publication. You agree that you may be contacted by an editor with suggestions for the piece to make it more suited to The Fox Hat Review, and while you are not obligated to agree to the changes, The Fox Hat Review is likewise not obligated to publish material against its judgment, even after an editor has expressed interest in a piece. By submitting a work to The Fox Hat Review, you indicate that you have done so with the permission of a legal guardian if you are not yet 18 years of age. Lastly, you agree that submitting to The Fox Hat Review does not guarantee publication or correspondence with any of our editors.

Literary Submissions

• All manuscripts should be sent to us in 12-point type with one-inch margins. Acceptable fonts include: Times, Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Courier, or Courier New. Fonts should remain uniform throughout the manuscript, though the italic typeface is completely acceptable to use.

• We don’t currently have a word count limit; however, we’re not going to stick a novella in the middle of a magazine. Therefore, if you would like to submit a longer work, the only way we may consider publishing it would be as a serial. Otherwise, bring on the short stories and excerpts. And no matter the length of your work, always send us the complete manuscript!

• Please proofread your manuscript(s) extensively before sending them in; we’re not trying to foster a culture of grammarian supremacy, but given the amount of submissions we could receive, it wouldn’t be fair to other authors for us spend a very long time perfecting just one piece. We won’t let the sun go down on you for one comma amiss, but please do your best.

• We will absolutely not accept fanfiction, or any work derived from the intellectual property of another author that is not in the public domain.

• As the magazine currently caters to a primarily English-speaking demographic, if a work is written in a language other than English, please provide an English translation and specify the name(s) of any translator(s) (if not you) along with your information in the body of the email, if possible. If it’s not possible, hopefully there is someone among us who is literate in the language of your piece. In the case of non-English-language works, we may publish both the original text and the translation, or the original text exclusively. If, due to language requirements, you cannot submit a work in one of the prescribed fonts, feel free to send it in whatever font you deem appropriate.

Visual Arts Submissions

• Please send us files in high enough resolution to be published at a presentable size. Be sure that all levels and colors are as you envisioned before sending!

• We will absolutely not accept fan art, or any work derived from the intellectual property of another author that is not in the public domain.

• All genres of visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital, textual, artisan crafts, etc.) are acceptable.

• In the body of your email, please specify the medium/media of your piece.

• The magazine’s cover art will be selected by the editors from the pool of VA submissions.

• Attention, photographers: if you are submitting portrait work, please make sure you have the permission of your model (and your model’s legal guardian, if applicable) and kindly specify the model’s name (if he/she would like to be credited). You may also submit the camera specs, if you wish.

Author/Artist Blurb

We will ask that you write a short blurb about yourself to be included in the body of your email, or each email submission. We will use this blurb to learn a little bit about you as well as for our website, though this its appearance there is completely optional. Benefits of appearing on our website include the opportunity to reach more viewers and link to an online portfolio of your body of work.


We will try to give each piece an adequate amount of time for consideration, though we are committed to a simultaneous effort to reply to writers and artists whose submissions we intend to publish. After the first issue is released, submissions will be rolling (you can send us anything at any time). Please do not be discouraged by the potential lack of a response from an editor.

Please find our Frequently Asked Questions or email us with other inquiries!


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