Vacant Volunteer Positions

If you are interested in any of the following positions below, you can send a resume to thefoxhatreview@gmail.com. Artists and designers, please send either a link to a portfolio send portfolio samples in your email. Editors, please see the special criteria further down this page.

  • associate editors who specialize in particular genres of expertise
  • art director
  • layout editor
  • graphic design
  • public relations
  • social media manager
  • cover artists (we’d like to give as many people a turn as possible, so this is generally for one issue at a time)
  • a secretary to record minutes at meetings, etc.
  • probably other things, too

 For Editors

Want to join the prestigious team of Fox Hat editors? Send an email with answers to the following questions to thefoxhatreview@gmail.com.

1. Describe your editorial experience. (If none applies, feel free to use this space to describe your personal process of proofreading your own or peers’ writing.)

2. Please list any areas of expertise in which you think you’d be a kick-ass editor. (Examples: contemporary poetry, YA science-fiction, literary fiction, romance, haiku, photography, dystopian creative nonfiction, academic, sculpture, visual art (in general), literary criticism, etc.)

3. Please rate yourself from 1 – 10 on each of the following criteria, with 1 being least like you and 10 being most like you.
• I have a solid grasp on the conventions of modern grammar.
• Because grammar changes over time, I brush up regularly to keep myself updated and informed.
• I have reliable proofreading skills. Little, if anything, escapes my gaze.
• In general, I am an advocate for the Oxford comma.
• In general, I am an advocate against the Oxford comma.
• What is an Oxford comma?
• I thoroughly verify factual consistencies whenever I am editing.
• I believe that good copyediting may often require fact-checking research, which I am willing to conduct, should the need arise.
• There is a fine line between poetic license and error. When in doubt, I would confer with my fellow editors, specifically the Executive Editors.
• I have good time management skills and finish tasks to which I have committed on time.
• I take responsibility when I am part of a team.
• I have an overall admirable work ethic.
• I have mastered the art of thorough but constructive and kind critiquing.
• I’m good at following guidelines.
• I am a consistently good multitasker.
• I can be trusted with delicate or private information such as unpublished work or passwords.
• I want to do (unpaid!) volunteer work, such as editing for The Fox Hat Review.

4. Why are you interested in editorial work?

5. Why are you interested in joining The Fox Hat Review’s editorial team in particular?

6. Do you identify as a Nerdfighter? (Please note: an answer of “no” won’t affect your chances of joining our team! We’re just curious!)

7. If you are a Nerdfighter, how long have you been one? (Again – won’t affect your chances if you’ve only been with us for a little while!) If you’re not a Nerdfighter, how did you come to find The Fox Hat Review?

8. Do you have any specific ideas or goals for how The Fox Hat Review can better live up to the spirit of Nerdfighteria? If so, feel free to detail below.

9. How long would you like to be a member of our team?

10. Are you willing/able to attend monthly meetings in New York City? (Any and all meetings will take place in public venues such as libraries.) (I – I being Charlotte – am thinking IRL meetings might be a good idea; however, please note that answering this question with a “no” will NOT hurt your chances of being considered.)

11. If you would like to enclose or attach a resume, cover letter, or CV, please feel free to paste them here.



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